I thought this was a timely and relevant article to share for the beginning of the year.  As I read through it, I realized, no matter how long you’ve been teaching, it always helps to be reminded of some of these tips.  I hope you find them useful too!

Rethinking Schools

The New Teacher Book

As you prepare for a new school year, we wanted to share this short article by Rethinking Schools editor Larry Miller.  While he is no longer in the classroom day-to-day, he continues to advocate for equity and social justice in education in his role as an elected school board member in Milwaukee, Wis.

His essay is included in the second edition of The New Teacher Book: Finding Purpose, Balance, and Hope During Your First Years in the Classroom. Get the book at a 25% discount with back-to-school discount code SchoolH12

Download  and share a copy of “12 Tips” (pdf). And share in the comments what tips you would add. 

12 Tips for New Teachers

by Larry Miller

I was 38 when I started my teaching career, and I thought I knew everything I needed to know. I’d been a community and union activist for years and I’d…

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