¡Mira, Look!: Neruda: Poet of the People

Monica Brown, award-winning author of children’s literature, has done it again.  Alongside illustrator Julie Paschkis, she’s claimed the Américas Award book award for her recent publication, Pablo Neruda: Poet of the People.

The Américas Award has described the book as “a paean to renowned Chilean poet Pablo Neruda.  A warm, lyrical text is embedded in soothing, color-saturated pictures.  Streams of words – to delight the eye and ear – infuse the illustrations with surprising gems of multilingual word associations.  They are a highlight of the book.  Both provide a child-friendly introduction to aspects of Neruda’s life and, most prominently, to his passions for the natural world and the social concerns of his times.”   Kirkus (starred review) also said of it, “More than a heartwarming portrait of Chile’s most revered poet, this splendid tribute to Pablo Neruda animates his global appeal with a visceral immediacy capable of seducing readers of any age…A visual and thematic stunner.”

It’s been dubbed appropriate for grades 2-5.

Want to read more?  Check out Monica Brown’s website (which has a wealth of resources) or the visual richness of illustrator Julie Paschkis’s website.


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