Sammy & Juliana Give Away Winners!!

Thanks so much to all of you who have visited our blog and shared your thoughts with us!! We included everyone who commented since July 1st in the drawing.  These are our five lucky winners–Florence, Monica, Martha, Doris and Ylena!  I’ll be emailing you to find out where you would like us to ship the book, so be on the lookout for that!

Congratulations! Hope you enjoy the book!

Our next give away starts today!! We’ll continue to do a drawing for 5 copies of each book we feature in our book group each month, so keep checking back and sharing with us!


2 thoughts on “Sammy & Juliana Give Away Winners!!

  1. Hi Katrina, thanks again for the book! I am really excited about the discussions with other teachers and the opportunity to enrich new literature into my Spanish classes! Please add my name to the next drawing!

    Do you think any of our teachers would be willing to share their first day activities in Spanish 1 and Spanish 2? Spanish icebreakers, activities, or fun first week projects that they know students enjoy as they learn Spanish.

    • Congrats on getting the book–we are always so happy to get these books out to interested readers and teachers!! We will definitely put your name in the next drawing for The Queen of Water. It’s a great book! I’ll see if I can do a post or an email to our listserv on sharing first day activities for Spanish classes. Great idea! I’ll let you know any feedback I get!

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