En La Clase: Literature from Around the World–a google map!

In my last post, “En la Clase: Around the World in 180 Days, Part II” I discussed the different ways that we could use literature to bring increased global awareness to our classrooms.  Then, while doing research for another post, I came across this amazing resource linked on The Pirate Tree.  I just had to share it! It’s a google map  created to accompany the list of Outstanding International Books of 2011.  The pins on the map represent the locations of the books’ settings and are color coded for grade ranges. This would take care of so much of the work of researching to find high quality books that represent different parts of the globe! Summaries of each book are provided down the left hand side of the map page. I did notice that none of the 2011 books are set in Latin America–which means this resource is a great accompaniment to the Vamos a Leer blog, as all of our resources are linked to Latin America.


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