Vamos a Leer is on Summer Break!

We have really enjoyed our first semester of the Vamos a Leer book group! It’s been great to hear what everyone thinks about the books each month–both at our meetings and here on the blog! Since school is out for June and July, we’ll be taking a break from posting here at Vamos a Leer too.  But, please browse the site and check out all of the great resources that have been added over the last four months.  All of the Educator’s Guides are now available to download as PDFs! If you have any questions about any of the materials or resources, leave us a comment and we’ll get back to you–we’ll be checking on the blog even if we’re not posting regularly.

We’re in the process of selecting books now, so check out our post on potential books for the upcoming year.  Let us know what you think about them, especially if you’ve read or heard about them!! Check back in a couple of weeks for the finalized list of books for next year!

Looking forward to seeing you all in August!

2 thoughts on “Vamos a Leer is on Summer Break!

    • Thanks, Marge! So glad you’ve enjoyed the resources we’ve shared – we’ve certainly had fun putting it all together. We’ll look forward to picking it all up again in August. Cheers!

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