World Wide Web: Ediciones Tecolote: Interacting with Children’s Books

I just came across this neat website for the Mexican publishing company, “Ediciones Tecolete.”  Their website can be displayed in either English or Spanish and they offer an innovative way of browsing their titles.  I mention it because just searching their website can be a learning experience in and of itself, let alone reading the books they actually produce.  You can mouse over intriguing categories like “Wisdom and Ruses,” “How to Read Codices,” or “Great People for Little People,” and then learn more about their funky titles within each category.  As if that weren’t enough, they also have a separate page dedicated to “Play” with a game focused on matching book covers.

My favorite one in the mix?  “Emiliano Zapata, how his followers saw him” looks, at least from what I can tell online, like a fascinating and unusual account of Zapata’s life.  It’s a bit out of my pocketbook range, but I’m definitely adding it to my imaginary bookshelf.  I’d love to hear if any books catch your eye!


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