2003 Américas Award


Before We Were Free by Julia Alvarez (Knopf, 2002)

Anita de la Torre never questioned her freedom living in the Dominican Republic. But by her 12th birthday in 1960, most of her relatives have emigrated to the United States, her Tío Toni has disappeared without a trace, and the government’s secret police terrorize her remaining family because of their suspected opposition of el Trujillo’s dictatorship...
Author Website
Random House Reading Guide
NoveList: Using Literature with Female Protagonists to Teach History
Teaching Books Program Guide
Américas Award Curriculum Guide

Honorable Mentions

Behind the Mountains by Edwidge Danticat (Orchard, 2002).

Frida by Jonah Winter (Scholastic, 2002).

Commended Titles

Flight to Freedom by Ana Veciana-Suarez (Orchard, 2002)

Grandma and Me at the Flea / Los meros meros remateros by Juan Felipe Herrera and illustrated by Anita DeLucio-Brock (Children’s Book Press, 2002).

I Love Saturdays y Domingos by Alma Flor Ada and illustrated by Elivia Savadier (Atheneum, 2002).

A Library for Juana by Pat Mora and illustrated by Beatriz Vidal (Knopf, 2002).

Me in the Middle by Ana Maria Machado with pictures by Caroline Merola and translated by David Unger (Groundwood, 2002).

Messages of Rain and Other Poems from Latin America / Mandaderos de la lluvia compiled by Claudia M. Lee and illustrated by Rafael Yockteng (Groundwood, 2002).

My Diary from Here to There / Mi diario de aquí hasta allá by Amada Irma Pérez and illustrated by Maya Christina González (Children’s Book Press, 2002).

The Pot that Juan Built by Nancy Andrew-Goebel and illustrated by David Diaz (Lee and Low, 2002).

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